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Monte Xanic Rose (Grenache 100%)

Monte Xanic Rose (Grenache 100%)

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One of our top wines. A limited edition made with the intention to honor the Provence style of rosé wines. Focused on minerality, freshness and elegance. Produced from the best Grenache grapes grown in the higher elevation & colder temperatures of the Ojos
Negros Valley in Baja Califomia. This allows us to harvest later, ensuring grapes are on the vine longer and show their full range of intense flavors. The vinevards capture the influence of the ocean superbly, transferring it into the finished wine with lovely mineral
tones of the sea. An incredible companion to friendship, celebration, seafood and summers, but with a versatility that makes it
timeless vear-round.


100% Grenache.


All typical rosé pairings with an extra leniency towards spicier & exotic foods
thanks to its particular structure. Bluefin tuna, Salmon tiradito or carpaccio, fresh
oysters on the half shell, sardines in olive oil, anchovies, Cod, fish quesadillas,
Nicoise salad. Mexican classics like fish tacos, ceviches and Asian cuisine such as
Sushi, Sashimi and Chinese entrées.Excellent with fried foods or milky light
cheeses like Mozzarella or cottage. Extremely versatile.


Up to 2 years to retain freshness.


Ojos Negros Valley.


Brilliant luminosity of soft rose with light salmon hues.


Aromatic and intense. Ripe strawberries, raspberries, tangy exotic citrus fruits such
as blood orange, tangerine, grapefruit and a twist of white flower notes like chrysan-
themum. Herbaceous hints of fresh green grass. Lovely background of mineral salts
and sea-breeze.


Bright refreshing acidity with a long & inviting finish. The entrance is marked by
aromatic intensity that is carried by a crisp acidity, chewy mid-palate and closes with
a tasty sapidity, driven by minerality & typical of the terroir. The aromatic
persistence is impressive with a wonderfully balanced alcohol, thirst-quenching & food friendly whilst retaining depth, density and structure.



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