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Prima Rosa Gin

Prima Rosa Gin

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Our handcrafted gin is a salute to Mexico, which it celebrates with a blend of freshly harvested regional botanicals commonly used in tradition-

al Mexican culinary mixtures.

Prima Rosa is made with freshly harvested wild lavender, rosemary and sage from Valle de Gua- dalupe, hoja santa from Oaxaca, lime peel from Yucatan, roses, epazote and ginger from Ensenada. We mix these botanicals in a classic base of juniper berries and coriander seeds.

DESCRIPTION: 100% corn distilled 5 times.

ALC VOL.: 40%

TASTING NOTE: Herbaceous, primary notes of rosemary, sage and epazote, softened with a floral character of lavender and roses, complet- ed with a subtle flavor of hoja santa, ginger and lime from Yucatan.

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